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At 6:43am on September 16, 2013, belkacem said…

je suis ravi de rejoindre sales brain la référence du NMKT avec vous et Patrick R. Bravo et tous mes encouragements.


At 3:07am on October 16, 2010, Dr. Patsi Krakoff said…
Glad you like it, yes, I will post it here as well. If ever you wish to do an interview (via email) for my blog, I'd like that. This is a super busy time for me until end of year, but perhaps I could send you 5-7 questions you could answer via email and I'd do a featured post on you and your business. Let me know if this is possible and when is a time that would be best for you, for example, before an event or webinar people could register for.
At 4:16am on October 15, 2010, Dr. Patsi Krakoff said…
Christophe, I am so impressed with the work you are doing. I wrote about the site in my blog post yesterday with an excerpt. I hope you like it, and don't mind my republishing your '6 stimuli' content. It is excellent. One of the things I see on most sites about neuromarketing is a lot of information without connecting the dots on how this can and should be used in communications. Your site is rare in that sense, as you tie it into applying it to sales conversations. You can see the post at, and if you have any objections to it, I'll correct immediately. You can also leave a comment if you wish.
At 4:06am on October 7, 2010, Michael A Davis said…
Yes, I am a Vistage member. I just met Patrick on Tuesday when he spoke to a local Vistage group that I was able to sneak into =)
At 2:09pm on September 30, 2010, Dr. Kevin J. Fleming said…
Thanks Christophe! A pleasure to hear from you :) I would LOVE to set up a time to connect and have a conversation. As you can see from my profile, I am interested in networking here potentially for an opportunity that could have me transition my IP of Grey Matters International into a consulting or full time role. I think I have been a "lone ranger" too long and am ready to make a change into a team with a brainiac vision :) Email me at with your schedule tomorrow if free, or Monday. I am on CST now....thank you!
At 4:28pm on January 14, 2010, Jennifer Williams said…
Hi Christophe,

Thanks for inquiring as to what I do. My background is pysch and neuroscience, and by accident I landed in web marketing. For the last three years I have worked for a small SEO/SEM firm in Massachusetts. I am still there, but with their permission I've also struck out on my own because I wanted to address social marketing from an evolutionary, brain-based philosophy. As I was researching for that, I came upon neuromarketing and immediately bought your book, as well as Buyology, and a recent book on memetics.

I have not yet done any work for clients on my own, and have not started to market myself. I wanted to first establish what direction I wanted to take things. It's still very new and fresh.

I wrote an article a year ago where I try to help businesses understand social media trends from a "tribal" point of view. The article ended up being featured on the cover of Visibility Magazine. Tribal, in my view, is very much "old brain". That article can be found at

At this point, I feel the possibilities are wide open. I will begin blogging this week on topics related to neuromarketing, evolutionary neuroscience and how it informs marketing/social media, and other related topics. Right now I'm thinking that I will help the bridge the gap between the new science findings and small businesses. Would love your feedback.
At 11:33pm on November 24, 2009, Narantsetseg Avarzed said…
Hi guy, I'm just intrester. I want to ask "what is Neuromarketing? and where I can fins the information about?" thanks all
At 10:00pm on October 16, 2009, Steven Vantongelen said…
At 11:24pm on July 21, 2009, Markus Roder said…
Hi Christophe,

I was just about to tell you - I DID get the book last week. Just finished reading it. Let's discuss further by Email, I have some feedback already...
At 2:34pm on July 21, 2009, Jamaal Fort said…
Thank you Christophe. This is such a great site. It is a real pleasure socializing in this community.
At 9:03am on June 18, 2009, Michael Gury said…
Dear Christophe, thanks.
At 8:47am on June 18, 2009, Markus Roder said…
Hey Christophe - I would definitely be interested in reviewing your book,... and tell you about my opinion BEFORE I post it on Twitter ;).

The current reference on Neuromarketing business books here in Germany is Christian Scheier's "Wie Werb*** wirkt". Pretty good, and nciely formulated in layman's terms. Hope you can match it ;).

As an aside, I'd possibly be interested in joining your network. I do work in the States sometimes and would love to add my expertise on viral/social to the services you provide.
At 11:18am on June 8, 2009, Philip Carlsen said…
Perfect! We can't wait to meet you. See you tomorrow then.
At 11:25am on May 29, 2009, David Hubbard MD said…
Hey Christophe,
We have stuff scheduled that day, how about if I ask Philip Carlsen, who's in My Friends, to work with you to set up a better time. We look forward to meeting you.
At 2:30pm on May 26, 2009, David Hubbard MD said…
Thanks for the email Christophe. I'd love to show you are fmri lab in San Diego if you are in town. Here is the website for the scanner facility,
At 8:10pm on May 9, 2009, Charles Naut said…
Thanks Christophe!
At 2:15pm on May 6, 2009, Barbara (BJ) Eichhorn said…
I so loved your book, it is underlined and dog eared and nearly memorized!
50 books have been published in the last few years about neuro-marketing, the newest buzz word attached to the marketing process.
Thank you for the handy list of other books to read.

As I understand this new thinking process,
Neuromarketing is:merging 2 businesses: Neuroscience and marketing

My company developed in the 80's, LIFECODES
Lifecode is merging 3 businesses: Neuroscience, Marketing and Visual designs. Lifecode stands for LIFE styles. CODE is for codified lifestyle decisions to the appropriate elements and principles of design.

Neuromarketing helps you understand how to reach the parts of the brain that makes decisions.
Lifecoding helps you understand: What to do AFTER you reach the parts of the brain that makes decisions.

80% of a sale is visual. (not words) My company codes your desired neuro reaction to result in a sale, to the correct colors, shapes, textures, lettering fonts--literally everything you see in the marketing venue.
My web explains what the benefits are to using the Lifecode process, however Flash Section still needs the voice-over. www
Please, anyone feel free to comment. BJ Eichhorn
At 11:12am on April 28, 2009, HK Bain said…
Hi Christophe! Great to be here on the new site, in the new community. I need to get a few things going off my desk so I can focus on our next steps. Thanks for inviting me to join the site!
At 10:07am on April 26, 2009, Biswaroop Majumdar said…
HI Christophe: Things are good. I would love to reconnect as well and thinking of attending the workshop in Chicago... can you please tell me if there is a fee for it ... did not see it on the site.

Let's catch up sometime on the phone.

518 469 6693

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