Can political neuromarketing be good for discourse/elections/voters/politicians? Why/how?

It can be good for all constituents… if done ethically. Of course it raises the question: Can politicians use their influencing power while remaining
Neuromarketing is the next evolution of tools to improve the effectiveness of influencing messages. It could be said though that neuromarketing is just another evolutionary
development on the continuum of influencing tools: advertising (especially when
done effectively) was one of first step towards a more scientific approach to
On one hand it could be argued that it opens up the door to manipulation. On the other hand and to the degree that the information is made available to the persuaded (the voters),
they could become aware of their own biased perception of what draws them to a
particular politician. As we progressed from an agricultural, to an industrial
and to an information society we actually know less and less about the true
nature of the people we vote for. Even if we receive more and more information
about our favorite candidates and about their ideas today most voters have never
been in the same room as the candidate they vote for. Their perception is
created, analyzed and filtered more and more by the promotional apparatus of
each party and the modern media.
So the risk is that the one with the best marketing engine (including the one using neuromarketing) will have an ever increasing chance of success. Since “Persuasion always works better
when the persuaded is not aware that he or she is being influenced” (Quoted from
Joseph Ledoux Prof. of Neuroscience NYU) the real risk is that politicians will
not want us to know that they are using influencing tools… the one with the most
knowledge wins and this probably explains why a lot of people are reluctant to
talk about neuromarketing especially with the word politician in the same

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