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The psychobiological basis of personality

I have always been fascinated by the neurobiological basis of personality types. This post will be followed by more on the neural basis of personality.

The Psychobiological basis of personality

Early studies on the correlations between personality and biology were largely centered on the construct of arousability, or the degree to which people respond to a particular stimulus. The measurement of excitatory or inhibitory reactions in our…


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Neuromarketing and phrenology

While it is clear that experiments testing advertising effectiveness with neuroscientific methods have already yielded important insights (1, 2) , many scholars still consider the hype for neuromarketing to originate from the public’s fascination for cognitive neuroscience (4, 7). McCabe and Castel (3) argue that the public is attracted by brain images because they provide a physical basis for grasping the nature of complex cognitive and affective responses. But according to Tovino (5,…


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The visual effects of tobacco

For years tobacco company have been compelled to use scary words on packs of cigarettes. We do now that words don't work as well as visuals do, because images can be processed below our level of consciousness by primitive areas of our brain, especially in the brain stem. A new poster from the World's Health Organization is one of those game changing initiatives that may help millions of people stay away from the devastating effect of cigarettes. Be prepared to be "disgusted"! That is what…


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Neuromarketing and ethics: a call for more attention and action to raise standards

Neuromarketing is an emerging field claiming to provide advertisers with better ways to understand what triggers buy buttons in consumers’ brains. While the prospect of improved advertising has generated excitement in the business community at large [1, 2], critical ethical issues have also been raised by consumer groups, scientists, and scholars […


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Audiopodcast -- Interview of Christophe Morin on neuromarketing

I did this podcast in May for BizTalkRadio. This is a good intro to core principles of neuromarketing. Enjoy

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Neuromarketing: the new science of consumer behavior

This is the abstract of an article I just published in Society Magazine. For the wh*** article, click here.


Neuromarketing is an emerging field that bridges the study of consumer behavior with neuroscience. Controversial when it first emerged in 2002, the field is gaining rapid credibility and adoption among advertising and marketing professionals. Each year, over 400 billion…


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Interview of Christophe Morin on Blogtalk radio: Neuromarketing and Depth Psychology

Looking at Neuromarketing and Depthpsychology. A program produced by Depth Psychology Alliance.\

Neuromarketing, the cutting edge field which combines the latest discoveries in Neuroscience with the discipline of Marketing, has made striking inroads into business, advertising, and communcation in recent years. Not only can this practice be used by advertisers to reach the "buy button" in a consumer's brain, but it can also serve cause-related…

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The best TV show on the brain and social behavior I have seen in 2010

I view and critique many articles and shows on the brain each week. This particular show is outstanding. Whether your interest is just in the brain or how we are beginning to decode our social responses, I highly recommend it. Here is the description of the show from the web site of the producer.

Meet Tony Grobmeier, who was born without a corpus callosum, the structure that connects the two interdependent halves of our brains: language and linear thinking on the left,…


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Why is neuromarketing inevitable?

Advertising effectiveness is the most difficult construct to measure. For decades, marketers have relied on self reports from consumers about what they feel when they see a piece of advertising. The problem with this approach is two-fold. One, you assume that people are not distorting what they say. Two, you assume that they are actually qualified to describe what cognitive and affective process is at play after they are exposed to a stimulus. Both of these assumptions are introducing huge…


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Biological basis of behavior explained : what you should know about hormones, peptides and amines

Hormones are chemicals produced by our body to regulate three critical functions: maintain a state of balance (homeostasis), control our reproductive organs and mediate our responses to stress. Hormones are produced by endocrine glands located in various parts of the body, namely the brain, the stomach, the intestines and the kidneys. Hormones affect cell receptors that are either on the surface or inside the nuclei of a cell. They excite or inhibit the activity of…


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Neuropod delivers great content for all lovers of neuroscience

I hope you will take the time to download one episode of Neuropod, one of the best program offered on the web to learn about new discoveries on the brain. I personally listened to over 2 hours of programming yesterday and I had a blast. The format is fantastic (about 1/2 hour with 3/4 stories), the content is edgy yet approachable.

You can access the programs from or go to… Continue

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NewScientist magazine picks new cover using neuromarketing research

This is an interesting trend. Yet another proof that neuromarketing is going mainstream. It is clear that techniques that probe below our level of consciousness can a****s the effectiveness of powerful visuals much better than focus groups or interviews ever will. Way to go NewScientist!

Read more…


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Review of the Buying Brain by Dr. A. K. Pradeep

Knowing Pradeep personally, I was eager to read his book. I was not disappointed. It is practical, insightful and includes plenty of examples of how neuromarketing is a game changer for the entire marketing research industry. What I especially enjoyed is the first half of the book which describes the brain in simple yet profound ways which can no longer be ignored by marketers around the world. Congratulations Pradeep! …


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How babies think

We can all learn great lessons from this article. The brain of a baby has been underestimated for a long time. Yet, babies understand statistics before they reach 2 years of age. Not by computing necessarily, but by observing the patterns of actions.

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The biological basis of visual perception

Vision is a very comprehensive and complex system in the brain. It is commonly known that over half of our brain’s energy is committed to some sort of visual processing at any given time. As a result, our experience of reality is largely shaped by the process by which our brain produces visual perceptions. Considerable progress has been made in understanding the neurophysiological basis of our visual sense in the last two decades, especially with… Continue

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Radiolab podcast: terrific content on brain related stories

I just discovered this podcast -- terrific. I will add an RSS feed link to it. Meanwhile, here is a sample show:


Instinct or analysis? Wouldn't things be easier if we could get emotion out of the way and let rational analysis lead? Except that so often, that gut feeling turns out to be right. We explore both extremes. Antoine Bechara, a psychology professor at USC, tells us about the case of… Continue

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What is consciousness?

For centuries, philosophers and scientists have researched the nature of consciousness. In the middle of the 17th century, French philosopher Rene Descartes argued that consciousness was produced by the soul, which he claimed, was managed independently from the body. For Descartes, the soul was produced outside of our physical body even though he suggested that it might actually reside inside the brain. He speculated that the soul was embedded in… Continue

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The neural basis of learning

Learning is a process by which we integrate new knowledge generated as a result of experiences. The product of such experiences is converted into memories stored in our brain. There is basically no learning without memories.

There are essentially two ways in which learning occurs: one is called classical conditioning and the other instrumental conditioning. Both ways modify brain structure and brain chemistry, but they do so with varying… Continue

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From neurons to hormones: understanding the biological triggers of our actions.

The neural communication systems is built on billions of interconnected cells called neurons which communicate by exchanging chemicals, most of which are triggered through electrical stimulation produced by specific stimuli. The endocrine system provides another communication system which is carried by hormones synthesized by glands distributed in different places throughout the human body, one of which is actually in the brain: the pituitary… Continue

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Brain experts share insights

In this gathering of top neuroscientists, you can learn a lot about discoveries and trends. What part of the brain do we use when we think, when we take action? Short clips summarize key points. And with the credibility of the NSF, you can be sure that it is well done.



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