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The Neuroscience of Magic

Neuroscientists Stephen Macknik and Susana Martinez-Conde, the founders of the exciting new discipline of NeuroMagic — and also members of the Magic Castle, Magic Circle, International Brotherhood of Magicians, and the Society of American Magicians — have convinced some of the world’s greatest magicians to allow scientists to study their techniques for tricking the brain. Magic tricks work because humans have a hardwired process of attention and awareness that is hackable—a good magician…


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Nothing is true, everything is permitted

Try to find 5 reasons why walking naked in public is a bad thing and explain them to a nudist. Or better, try to find 5 reasons why the bucket in the corner is the creator of the universe and explain them to your strictly religious colleague in the office.

Let's face it, truth is a numbers game. If enough number of people accepts a certain reality bubble, truth will be shaped by their perceptions.

- The bucket… Continue

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What is a reality bubble ? (from psychedelic marketing blog)

I am right, you are wrong. Evindence ? Doesn't matter, as long as I believe that I am right, I am right. This is a classic statement of a reality bubble. Let's explore it closely...

A reality bubble is a set of assumptions about the quality of experiences of an individual. In everday language, it is our faith in our assumptions about true nature of things. Once we put our faith into our beliefs to help us explain the world, we want to stick to it. Change requires another set of… Continue

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