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Hear what you see

Hearing is a complex process for the brain. The ear itself is sometimes described as more complicated than an eye. Yet, what is most interesting about hearing is how much our visual sense can influence our ability to decode sounds. Indeed, we tend to HEAR what we SEE. Also, the sound waves from both ears are brought together by neurons located in the brainstem (OLD BRAIN), which certainly explains why we are so quick at locating and identifying sounds… Continue

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MindSign Neuromarketing Official Blog

Updated everyday. Great resource for all things involving neuromarketing.

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Why do we buy? an evolutionary biologist answers... as per the NYT Science section

Why does a diploma from Harvard cost $100,000 more than a similar piece of paper from City College? Why might a BMW cost $25,000 more than a Subaru WRX with equally fast acceleration? Why do “sophisticated” consumers demand 16-gigabyte iPhones and “fair trade” coffee from Starbucks?

If you ask market researchers or advertising executives, you might hear about the difference between “rational” and “emotional” buying decisions, or… Continue

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Are you paying attention? May be you should be using ear plugs!

This is one of my favorite neuromarketing subjects because your messages have no impact until the audience can dedicate energy to process them. We believe we control most of that energy but the evidence suggests otherwise. For instance, recent experimentation done by Robert Desimone, a neuroscientist at MIT is quite enlightening. He has been studying how attention is triggered by CONTRAST. By placing both humans and macaque monkeys in front of video screens, he was able to show that bright and… Continue

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I am currently writing a paper on neuromarketing for Stanford's Program in Writing and Rhetoric's Research Based Argument assignment. One of my main sources is Buy-ology: Truth and Lies about why we Buy by Martin Lindstrom. This is probably the premiere source for information on neuromarketing and it doesn't get to scientific. It is very readable. Martin Lindstrom conducted a three year multi-million dollar study on the effectiveness of tradition marketing and neuromarketing. It is the biggest… Continue

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Who has a better sense of smell: a man or a woman?

According to Gerorge Preti, member of the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia, women have a better sense of smell than men. That is a least true when it comes to detecting underarm odor. Men beware.

In a recent experiment, women were asked to sniff both armpit odors and fragrances. Each fragrance was rated for its ability to cover the underarm odor. Woman did much better than man! For an abstract of the research paper publised in… Continue

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