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Neuromarketing TIP: How neurotransmitters were discovered

The process by which neurons communicate with one another is the basis of brain activity. This process was not known before 1920. A scientist by the name of Otto Lowewi was the first scientist to discover that the brainstem (part of the Old Brain) produces a chemical that could slow down the heart beat of a frog. In his simple experiment, he applied electrical stimulation to the heart of one frog which was connected to another heart via vessel. After… Continue

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Reality Is What Your Brain Makes Of It

Your customers and prospects behave largely as a function of how they process your messages through their senses. Our sensory system is responsible for collecting, analyzing, and converting inputs into messages for our brain. While it is still not clear how and why our perception of events may vary from one human to another, the process by which we process inputs to our senses--touch, light, odor, sound and chemicals--is well understood. Though each sense seems to be unique and different from… Continue

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Great stuff

I can personally say that I have used this new knowledge in my 501c3 non profit lean virtual echarity cannedwater4kids and it works. When I hit roadblocks I have a system to develop probable cause/causes & I can usually get to root causes.

Yes many of them are neurial and the fear factor is more alive than ever with our current economy.

Greg Stromberg

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Le Monde, FRANCE largest newspaper confirms that Neuromarketing is for real.

Ok, I admit, it takes time for French people to recognize the importance of critical trends. Call it French skepticism! But in this brand new article from Le Monde (you do need to read French!), the author reports and confirms that Neuromarketing is not a fad, it is a legitimate trend!


http://… Continue

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