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Comment by Christophe Morin - SalesBrain on March 6, 2011 at 1:37pm
I took care of that Barbara, thanks for your contribution!
Comment by Barbara (BJ) Eichhorn on March 6, 2011 at 1:35pm
Readers: the last 4 paragraphs of my above comments should have been erased! Sorry.
Comment by Barbara (BJ) Eichhorn on March 6, 2011 at 1:29pm

 While deceptively simple, this is an excellent example of Christophe's favorite Principle of Design...CONTRAST.
Marketing in the 80's published: The greater the CONTRAST of verbal words, the greater the power of their  message. This advertisement contains only 2 words. Entry...Exit.  Each one with a powerful, yet CONTRASTING verbal message. What then carries the rest of the message? The four deceptively simple Elements Of Design that you see...the wall, street, door and the design of the logo.

Discovering also that ads with contrasting visuals grab attention, one of the original marketers, Tom Peters, stated  "80% of a sale is visual."  Just like spoken language...the greater each visual object CONTRASTS with all the others...the greater the power of their visual sales message.

Now let's notice Christophe’s CONTRASTS: 1. The muted DARK bricks & concrete, and the muted LIGHT door.  2. The CONTRASTING juxtaposition of the cross-lines in the concrete with the VERTICAL bricks and HORIZONTAL boards. These lead your eye to the doors’ center of interest. 3. There, pure black and pure white Contrast with the pure red in the logo. 4. Again CONTRASTS  between "muted" and "clean" carry another message...the door's logo creates excitement, even if you can’t read it’s words. 5. Now...please.... imagine brown bricks, with the  grey floor, add a navy blue door, and a yellow, green and black logo....!!! Try again to imagine the difference! Colored differently,it is a pretty ordinary message of "ordinary" inside.  And, Christophe wouldn’t have chosen it.

Also, this photo is an excellent example of the other four Principles of Design: Rhythm, Repetition, Variation and Balance. It’s is a superb example of five Elements of Design...Lines, Forms, Color, Texture, and Values (light to dark).






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