The "Utility of an Information - July 12, 2005

July 12, 2005

The "Utility" of an Information

The human brain  is used at the most for 10%, sometimes not more than 3%.  Physic, Energy, Atoms, Molecules are all part of this marvelous environment. Therefore when we make an analysis of the information we always  have to keep in mind the microscopic or macroscopic field of it. Every particle has inside a system that makes it part of a greater system à there is an energy exchange.

The formula         Information=Matter=Energy              (see several works of Michele Trimarchi at BHC - Rome)  means that energy, matter and information work with perfect energetic synchrony. We therefore have to verify the information, to understand the context, to verify the linking it has with the energy. 

Characteristics of the information are: 1) purpose for which it exists,  2) reconstruction of the object (a word doesn't tell us the reality, but the reality is joined to a word).

Our DNA decodes the signal that arrives in the specific Area of the brain according to the following mechanism: Information àDNA àGenetic Stimulus àDevelopment of Neuronal Plasticity àMeaning àActionà behavior, brain power, creativeness, emotional responses. But also the inverse could happen (see Pavlov experiments with dogs ,  bell à physiological stimulus). It means also that  every information  has inside some physical characteristics. The nature doesn't produce ambiguous information: form, colors, position, …... but, people produce ambiguous information.

According to some theories, the right brain identifies all the physical characteristics of the information. It identifies and, whether there is some utility, it integrate the information.  The left brain can be conditioned and it judges with its own  database and not on the base of the reality.  You  can force and  impose an information. Think about the children when we force them to make some things that they don't want (when we teach them an education or when we ask them a specific behavior). Our energy, imposes  something that they would not have accepted because the right brain of the children would not have integrated . Why? Because there was no utility for them in that information.

The utility is established by the neuro-vegetative stand-alone system located in the reptilian part of our brain also called the old brain (see Michele Trimarchi at BHC - Rome and also Antonio Damasio in  Descarte’s Error).

If there is no utility the information is not going to be integrated. From here it is understood that a child already has from birth his/her mechanisms of defense. From here it is understood why many product/services on the Market don’t sell, because the neuro-vegetative system of the consumer/prospect doesn't recognize any utility. From here also the strong conviction of many experts: if the product/services  has a reptilian hot button, then it sells.  Once more the information has a tremendous impact on the human brain.

Is there any special way to communicate to the the neuro-vegetative system? Can we always a****s the effectiveness of a communication in terms of “level of utility”  recognized  by the neuro-vegetative systems of who is receiving the message?  How do we know if an idea, a concept will produce utility?


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