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Business 2.0 Features and Interesting Article - September 15, 2005

September 15, 2005 Business 2.0 features an interesting article This is how "This Is Your Brain on Advertising" by Thomas Mucha, Business 2.0, July 20, 2005 begins: As an attractive Englishwoman… View »

Extracts from Recent Article - Fascinating!

Neuromarketing Understanding The Buy Buttons in The Brain Books/DVDs on Neuromarketing and related subjects Patrick Renvoise & Christophe Morin: Neuromarketing: Understanding t… View »

Media Attention gives Neuromarketing Credibility - August 13, 2005

August 13, 2005 Media attention gives Neuromarketing credibility Neuromarketing goes mainstream. In recent months, major magazines such as Wired and Business 2.0 have published important articles… View »

Stanford Researcher Confirms Old Brain Role in Decision Making

May 03, 2006 Stanford Researcher confirms Old Brain role in decision making It's all about chocolate cake and fruit salad! In a fascinating article (published in the May edition of Business 2.0) B… View »

Understanding Impact of Movies through Neuroscience - June 20, 2006

June 20, 2006 Understanding impact of movies through neuroscience Clearly conventional research methods such as screenings or interviews have failed to consistently predict which movies will succ… View »

Emotions vs Logic and Social Reinforcement - July 11, 2006

July 11, 2006 Emotions vs logics and "social reinforcement" In the July 4 edition of the Herald (a UK news paper) James Morgan reports: "Most of the brain is dominated by automatic processes, rat… View »

Neuroscience and Leadership - September 10, 2006

September 10, 2006 Neuroscience and Leadership No suprise that leadership can also benefit from new research on how the brain works. In a recent article from Strategy and Business, the author mak… View »

PAIN Avoidance is the Force Behind all Buying Decisions - January 11, 2007

January 11, 2007 PAIN avoidance is the force behind all buying decisions For decades, consumer behavior studies have described how frustration can drive decision making. But it is only recently t… View »

Investing and The Brain - October 23, 2007

October 23, 2007 Investing and the brain A new book on how humans are wired to make decisions is confirming the importance of emotions and especially the role of hardwired mistakes we make. Richa… View »

Fear as a Major Driver of Human Response - November 01, 2007

November 01, 2007 Fear as a major driver of human response According to new research findings, "fear" is indeed the strongest emotional response humans can experience. As noted in this recent art… View »


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