I am looking for some "neuro" research, blog, review ... about the Old Spice advertisement called "Man Your Man could smell like" ( . Could anybody recommend me some source? Thank you in advance for your help.

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Hello Magdalena,


This site will help you find a lot of blogs on Neuromarketing and interesting articles on the subject, and interestingly enough the site has a blog on the Old spice ad. I hope this source will help you.


Good luck,

Hi Magdalena,  depends what you are looking for.  My company recently tested this ad so let me know what you'd like to know and I give you some feedback.




Shane Moon

Managing Director, Inner Truth

Mr. Moon,

thank you for your answer. Firstly, I was looking for an information, if "Man your man should smell like" has ever been tested by the means of neuromarketing. Now, when I know that it has, I would be thankfull for any detail you will be willing to share about the research (purpose, methodology, results ...). Unfortunatelly I have no means to conduct neuro research on my own, so Im only making a content analysis of this ad for my diploma thesis. Its hard for me to ask you questions about the research, when I dont have any information about it. My analysis is based on multiple aspects of neuromarketing theory, so Im not specialising on something in it. Its a pity, I have in only in my language and not in English, othervise I could show it to you.

To sum up, I would really appreciate if you could send me some information about the research mentioned above to Best, Magdalena


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