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Neuropod -- Interviews/ research news from Nature Mag

NeuroPod: March 2014

This month, the next generation of brain stimulators, manipulating how people value things, how some neurons are eaten alive in true horror-film style, and studying how solitary confinement affects the brain.

NeuroPod: February 2014

Weighing brain activity with a balance, using psychological measures to determine the death penalty, and how brain scanning studies are routinely excluding 10% of the population.

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Guess Who managed Neuromarketing in RAC1 radio workstation in Catalonia (Spain)

I had the pleasure to introduce Dr. Antonio Casals @Mimbrerooo with famous journalist Jordi Bastè with an audience of more than 700.000. We had a great time during the 20´discussion where Antonio could talk about SalesBrain and Neuromarketing.

I´m very proud to belong to SalesBrain´s family :-)

If anyone want to speak on the radio, please call me back ! :-)



Posted by Montse Artigas on January 20, 2013 at 10:46am — 1 Comment

Neuromarketing in "catalá" Audio - El Mon a Rac1, Jordi Basté, interview @Mimbrerooo on 2012 Dec 11th

Neuromarketing in "Catalan" - The very well-known in Catalonian (Spain) radio broadcast "El Mon a RAC 1", commanded by Jordi Basté interviewed the Professor and SalesBrain Partner Antonio Casals Mimbrero on 2012 December 11th


Neuromarketing - Interview to Antoni Casals by Jordi Basté - El mon a RAC1

Posted by Antonio Casals Mimbrero on December 11, 2012 at 12:17pm — 1 Comment

The psychobiological basis of personality

I have always been fascinated by the neurobiological basis of personality types. This post will be followed by more on the neural basis of personality.

The Psychobiological basis of personality

Early studies on the correlations between personality and biology were largely centered on the construct of arousability, or the degree to which people respond to a particular stimulus. The measurement of excitatory or inhibitory reactions in our…


Posted by Christophe Morin - SalesBrain on August 3, 2012 at 7:53am — 1 Comment

Francophone ? Suivez la Lettre hebdomadaire Neuromonaco :

Vous lisez le français ? Inscrivez-vous pour recevoir gratuitement tous les lundis matin la lettre de veille en neuromarketing et psychomarketing Neuromonaco :

Son objectif est double : faire connaître l'avancée des recherches en psychologie et neurosciences et en montrer des applications pratiques en marketing, communication et management. Elle s'adresse à la fois aux Agences et…


Posted by Neuromonaco on May 22, 2012 at 1:23pm — 3 Comments






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